Let’s get creative together & make something special

What we do

We make videos and we think we are rather good at it. With years of experience in the industry from small corporate videos to TV adverts to motion pictures, we have the skills, experience and passion for film and video. We don't just do video production, we live it. So let's create something thats not only effective but innovative. Find out more.

How We Do It

We love to work in partnership to create something special for you. For us this is a shared process to be able to tell the story that best suits you in the best way. From initial ideas, through preproduction to final product, we ensure that we provide the best quality. So whether for the web, broadcast or training, we can provide the video to suit you. Find out more.

Why Us?

We have years of experience working in film and video production and so have a track record of producing video that deliver and stand out. Also, we work in a different way to traditional production companies. No big office, stock or payrolls, we work on what the clients need which keeps us fresh and flexible. Find out more.

Some of our work.

FreePeaceSweet Productions

We are a video production company who create video content and for both private and corporate clients. With a depth of experience at our finger tips, we are able toward on a range of video  from small web projects to major advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our video production team have produced TV commercials, corporate videos, training videos, communications videos, live events, animations and much more. The ethos for all our work is producing creative and effective pieces of work for a variety of clients from SME to large corporate brands and from NGOs and government to charities. We also work with private clients.

We do not have set packages as all our work is bespoke.  The production is based on your needs and wishes and by talking to you we are able to produce the effective and affordable solution for you. Producing high quality media can be much more affordable than you think. So contact us for a discussion or a quote.

Some of our areas of work 

  • corporate video
  • web videos
  • training films
  • product
  • TV advertising
  • branding
  • sales videos
  • interviews
  • documentary
  • charity and NGO
  • government information
  • music videos

Videos are made bespoke for each client and so contact us to find out more about how we can meet your production requirements.  

Some interesting facts

    • 90% of human communication is image based
    • Having video on your website increases the likelihood of sales significantly 
    • Video has become a significant player in social media
    • Having a bespoke video made for you is much less expensive than you would think 

    Contact us to see how we can help you.